UpdatedWednesday June 30, 2021 byTony Metzler.

GALL has 3 seperate division in our Minors division:  Rookie, Minors AA, and Minors AAA.  

Minors AA 9-10 year olds

Minors AAA 10-11 year old


​Both AA and AAA is player pitch for all innings. ​Minors AA is for those 9 year old players that are just coming up from rookie and any 10 year olds that are new to baseball. Minors AAA is for those 10 year olds that played Minors AA in the spring and some 11 year olds that need a little more time before advancing to the majors division.


Little League has changed the age cut off for figuring “league age” of players. This resulted in a lot of players being added into the “Minors Division”.

GALL typically split our “Minors Division” into Rookie and Minors. Rookie being part machine pitch – Minors all kid pitch.

Our Majors managers have expressed that as the kids are getting to the Majors division – many have not had much experience in pitching or catching.

The main goal is to make the teams in each division have 12 players that are as close in skill level as possible. This will help get each player more time on the field, pitching, and catching.  Having the Minors AA group will get that player on a team with other boys in the same situation. They will have more play time and be more likely to pitch and catch. This should help increase the skill level of all of the players.

Minors AA and Minors AAA Games will be played at Crossroads Park on

Minors AA: Tuesday - Thursday 5:30 & 7:45, and some Saturdays in the Spring

Minors AAA: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 7:45 and some Saturdays in the Spring

Each team will play 2 games per week.

Minors AA and AAA registration fees are $160/player